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Welcome to Saga Holidays | About
info@sagaholidays.co.in +91-11-4565 6858

Why Us ?? …… Because we have answers to all your questions.

Question : What is the area of your agency’s expertise?

Answer : From Indian travel to overseas travel, from tickets to transports we have dedicated Team Heads for each area. Our executives will be more than happy to connect you with our team heads to satisfy your queries.

Question : What is your personal travel history?

Answer : Due to the grace of our contacts with local Tourism Boards wether in India or abroad our Team Heads are widely travelled. Our products are designed under their guidance’s. They will be happy to show their passport if required

Question : Question: Have you visited my travel destination?

Answer : We do not claim to visit the whole world but our Team Heads have visited almost all destinations popular from India. . Travel agents with personal knowledge of your chosen place of travel can tell you firsthand what to expect when you get there. They can also give you helpful tips on traveling to your vacation destination.

Questions : How much experience do you have booking travel and excursions to this area?

Answer : Our Team Heads have a minimum experience of 15 years. You can expect less occurrence of complications or trouble when your agent has had prior experience in booking to your particular destination. The agent will also be able to address other concerns you may have about your destination.

Question: How/when can I reach you when on my trip in case of emergency? Do you have a toll-free number?

Answer : We always provide a local emergency number in all vouchers issued by us. All our email communication has hand phone numbers of our executives dealing with you. For convenience of our clients we have provided hand phone numbers of all our branch heads in our website. If they are not reachable due to some reason; hand phone numbers mentioned in contact details of Corporate Office & Registered office can be dialled in case of emergency .

Question: Are you willing to be available after business hours if necessary?

Answer : If necessary we will be more than happy to help you at any point of time..

Question: What are cheaper alternatives that can be made to my booking?

Answer : Sometimes adjusting your travel dates by as little as a day can mean big savings. We can tell what days offer the cheapest fares on flights and hotel accommodations and if there are existing promotions for any of them. We can also tell you about cheaper alternatives to some activities on your itinerary, or if you can forego those activities that require additional fees.

Question: Why should I hire a travel agent?

Answer : We as travel agents get paid a small percentage from the vendors that we work with. Many travel agents also charge a small fee to put the trip together… Yet, as travel consultants we have some great resources that could possibly save you money! We have discounted air; we have over 800 hotels where we throw in breakfast; we have cruises where we can get you upgrades, cruise credits and, many times, a better price."

Question: Should I use a travel agent for budget travel?

Answer : our services could be valuable for travelers not with a big budget. The best way to assess that is to be upfront with your budget with the agent and give them a general idea of what you are looking for. The agent will then tell you if it would be worth their time to help you out on the trip.

Question : What is the difference between booking with a travel agent and booking through online travel agencies like Expedia?

Answer : So let's say Expedia charges you five bucks, and last minute you can't go... Or, there is a natural disaster in the destination city, and you are on hold for 50 minutes to find out that they can't help you because the airline has not made an announcement yet. Working with a travel agent who might charge you 25 bucks — maybe they can get you a one-way upgrade to premium economy at no extra charge; get your seats on the airplane at no cost; help you out 24/7 if there was a natural disaster; let you know when there is a schedule change and, if it's something ridiculous, get your money back and put you on a different carrier."

Question: Which European destination would you recommend besides the obvious, like Paris and London?

Answer : "Portugal — I got to Lisbon for the first time this summer and loved it. Norway — beautiful country! Czech Republic — don't miss it! Croatia — very popular with cruises now! I loved Dubrovnik. Greece — go in May or September."

Question: Do you have any advice for someone who always gets sick on vacation?

Answer : "Don't take a flight first thing in the morning where you would have to get up early and not get a good night's sleep. Give yourself plenty of time getting to the airport so you are not stressed out making sure you are on time. Don't plan a lot the first day you get there so you can rest up and let your body catch up with the time change."